April 24, 2024

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Power Apps – Progress and Multi-Steps Bars

Today, we will explore different components of progress and step bars that can be utilized in your Canvas application.

Components can be customized with static backgrounds, gradients, or images.

You have the option to include text inside the progress bar or leave it empty.


There are two “multi-step”controls which take a table of objects and the current step as inputs.


How to Install?


These components are available from GitHub –> https://github.com/samirlogisam/ProgressBars/

1- Import the entire App

Download the .zip file and import the app.

2- Import the components only

If you want to import the components only, you can download the .msapp file.

Navigate to your app and select the components tab.

Click Import Components, and select the .msapp file as your source file.


Enjoy 😍