April 24, 2024

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Changing society

Author : DAOUDI Samir | Context : MSc Software Engineering – Professional issues in computing

The communication was from the earlier ages the primary support for the human innovation. People need to communicate for different reasons. Sharing opinions and thoughts, informing other, publishing reports, doing business, keeping in touch with others …etc.

Any kind of innovation would never see the world without being published, discussed and agreed by the different interveners.

Communication for business is also a great support for companies, many years ago, mails were sent and took many days or weeks to be received and the same thing for the replies. The time lost during the communication process was considerable.

Communication technology’s history has seen series of revolutions and new communication methods were introduced in our life. (E.Grant, P23, 2008).

Thanks to new technologies and the communication methods available, people are being connected quickly, easily and efficiently. This improvement of communication has provided a lot of benefits for people (person, companies, authorities …etc.)

I personally think that telephone is the biggest boom in the communication field. Telephone and wireless enabled long distance communication to occur instantaneously. (E.Grant, P23, 2008).

All the companies, persons and everyone in this earth trusts and uses the telephone as the primary communication method, I personally cannot see my life without phone. From every life’s basic task to the complex ones depends directly or indirectly upon phone calls, how can we imagine our appointments and meetings without phones? The beauty of phone calls reside in the fact that can can get directly in touch with the person we call, we can get confirmation or declination of appointment, we can share information instantaneously.

Later, other communication methods as faxes, emails were developed and can be in certain way advantageous compared to phone. I think one of the advantages of the faxes and emails are the confirmation and possible traceability of the communication. In fact, phone calls are not, if we contact somebody to inform it about something, the person might miss or ignore this information or even tells you that (s)he was not informed about that. However, with emails and faxes we can proof that the person was told about that.

The telephone’s infrastructure is considerable; materials and software involved are considerable. I had a chance to visit data centers (or phone centers) and I was impressed by the quantity of cables, wires and connectors involved to provide us these facilities in communication. For us, we just take a phone and call some one as quickly and easily. But we should remember the efforts and huge equipment that allows us such facilities. Telephone’s phenomena had a great jump thanks to the fiber optics, as F.John stated “Fiber optics start a revolution in our telephone systems as threads of light replace copper wires” (F.John, 1980).

Finally, I would say that thanks to the telephone’s innovation human’s life became easier and communication faster.


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