Check out this exclusive excerpt ‘Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Service’ from the book Developing Bots with Microsoft Bots Framework by Srikanth Machiraju and Ritesh Modi. Bots are the new face of user experience. Conversational User Interface provides many options to make user experience richer, innovative and engaging with email, text, buttons or voice as the medium for communication. Modern line of business applications can be replaced or associated with Intelligent Bots that can use data/history combined with Machine Intelligence to make user experience inclusive and exciting.

With Developing Bots with Microsoft Bots Framework, you’ll see just how simple Bot building can be.

Topics in this excerpt include:  

  • Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services 
  • Getting Started, APIs, Language Support   
  • Building a Bing Web Search Bot 
  • Building an OCR Bot

This chapter was published with permission from APRESS, a publisher of technical books. Download the excerpt above or purchase the full eBook HERE.


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