Categories and capabilities Visual Studio Online Advanced Visual Studio Online Professional Visual Studio Online Basic
Maximum number of users with this plan on an account Unlimited 10 users Unlimited
Unlimited team projects and private, hosted code repos using TFVC or Git   X   X X
Project planning and bug tracking tools, including Kanban boards and team velocity forecasts   X   X X
Integration with popular development tools, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode   X   X X
Work in one IDE to create solutions for the web, desktop, cloud, server, and phone X
Support for Office 365 business apps X
Track complex projects with hierarchical portfolio backlogs X
Visualize project data with work item chart authoring X
Discuss projects with teammates and monitor project events in Team Rooms X
Send feedback requests to users and stakeholders X

Get access to even more features in Visual Studio Online with the purchase of paid user plans or additional software, such as Visual Studio with MSDN or MSDN Platforms. Additional features vary by product, and may include:

  • Add more than five users to your account
  • Web-based test case management
  • Cloud-based load testing
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Request & manage feedback
  • Virtual team rooms
  • Continuous deployment to Microsoft Azure
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