April 16, 2024

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ECS 2018 – The next chapter: What’s new in SharePoint Server 2019?


  • Public beta ready summer 2018
  • Built on the foundation of shp 2016
  • More cloud oriented
  • Quicker site creation.
  • New site templates (before we had only team sites and communication site)
  • Modern one drive sites
  • Modern team sites faster, mobile ready and customizable
  • Modern libraries 
  • Nicer lists with column formatting and new datatypes comming
  • Modern pages
  • New one drive sync client (faster)
  • Intelligent and more relevant content
  • Nice communication sites which are more webby stule
  • Team news using AI – Graph
  • Everything is 100% mobile ready
  • Intelligent search
  • Shp2019 is now driving Project server 2019
  • Sharepoint 2013 workflow would still be supported
  • New connectors in flow and more functions with Power apps, aiming to be a mature business forms design tool
  • Hybrid is made easy
  • More supported characters in files and folder names (such as # and %)
  • Longer urls support up to 400 characters
  • Shp 2013 extended support to april 2023

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