July 21, 2024

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Starter Kit

By Michael Roth (https://www.michaelroth42.com)


Basically, in this session (which mainly a demo session), we looked at the PP Admin Center.

The first area, the Settings Section, where most of the PP features Starter Kit are there, such as Copilot, Environment Routing ….etc.


Tenants isolation, this is something which Michael insisted on, and basically, it is a simple setting, which can be turned On or Off,


Center of Excellence:

This is a Microsoft “Garage Project”, which basically is a set of components:

  • 20 Apps
  • 113 Cloud Flows
  • 77 Dataverse Tables

It has constant upgrades (probably

Let’s say you have a new solution. you import in your environemnt

A set of flows will crawl the different aspects of your tenant, and store metrics and details in data verse tables.

On top of this data, you will get an overview of everything in the tenant and a set of ~20 sample apps which can be used in your tenant.

When it comes to the tables that are generated and populated by the CoE, you get some interesting data generated here, which can be built on top of  and improved/ tailored to your intended governance rules.

E.g. If you look at the PowerApps Apps table, you can find interesting stuffs such as:

  • Shared with external users
  • Orphand,
  • Last time used …etc.

Basically, the conclusion we ended with is the following:

The PowerPlatform admin centre and CoE combined would give you a good set of insights and tools to govern your Power Platform environments, Starter Kit and can be improved by building on top of the CoE.