Welcome to Exploring Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The purpose of this book is to point out both the new and improved capabilities of SharePoint 2013. As with previous versions of SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 contains many features with which you will be familiar; some features might not have changed at all; others will have changed, but at a high level will provide similar functionality that will not be new to you; and then there will be components that you will need time to fully understand before you can decide how they can benefit you and your organization. With this version of SharePoint, Microsoft focuses on what a user can do, and therefore the focus of the improvements with SharePoint 2013 places users at the center of the SharePoint installation. In the coming months, as you learn more about SharePoint 2013, no longer will Microsoft talk about
what SharePoint can do by using the six-segment SharePoint 2010 circle that consisted of the Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, and Composites. You will hear that SharePoint 2013 provides a new way to work together and is the new collaboration platform. It will talk about how users can Share, Organize, Discover, Build, and Manage ideas and content in a SharePoint environment. Following
is a description of each of these concepts:


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