Struggling with how to secure information on Office 365?

The ease of access and availability of Office 365 has made it a compelling platform for many enterprises, in addition to its cost advantages. But it also brings many challenges. Is it safe to store confidential information in the cloud? How can it be secured? Can data protection policies be centralized across on-premises and Cloud environments?  Where should users login – and should we migrate users, synchronize them or use single sign-on

During this session SharePoint MVP and CTO of Cryptzone/HiSoftware, Chris McNulty, will review how you can seamlessly extend the same automatic policies and controls from your on-premises SharePoint environment to Office 365.

This webinar will help ensure you have a clear understanding of:

  • The impact of Office 365 on your governance approach
  • Migration, federation and synchronization
  • The roadmap for extending your on premises user identity to Azure Active Directory
  • Cloud vs. Hybrid environments
  • How to extend and automate on-premises data protection policies to the Cloud
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