Groups for Office 365 had been announced for a while and recently started rolling out to subscribers. Though we’re used to seeing new things in this IT World, we are in a period where things are changing and the SharePoint we knew isn’t the same anymore.

This session will show you what Groups for Office 365 and how it works, compare it to SharePoint and Team Sites as well as ways we can manage it and control it’s deployment.

It’s time to rethink how we do things and solve our business needs with SharePoint for simpler solutions that our end users will use.

Key Benefits of Watching this Webinar

  • Understand how Groups for Office 365 works
  • See how to manage Groups for Office 365 with PowerShell and the console
  • Rethink how you are working and if SharePoint Team Sites is the solution for you

Aimed at: IT Professionals

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