June 23, 2024

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KEYNOTE: The future of work: productivity and employee experience

Today 2nd Keynote of the CollabSummit, presented by Dan Holme and Vesa, who discussed the future of work.

If there is something we have learned recently, is that the Hybrid work model is here to last, if you look at the stats

73% of people wants the flexible/remote working to stay, and 67% want more in person collaboration post pandemic.


There has been a lot of changes to the way we are doing our work. The pandemic has changed work methods, unfortunately, minorities in some place felt the impact more.

Leader and decision makers are considering What’s next ?

so, What’s next

Digital will definitely stay, we need to design the workplace as a digital first instead, and consider the hybrid/flexible work model first.

Most importantly, people-centric, we need to be as inclusive as possible.

Meetings needs to be planned for the person ‘not’ in the room


One of the ways we can improve collaboration and inclusion, is


Live components, that can be used in different places (Chat, Outlook, SharePoint Page).

The Loop components offer:

  • Tagging the users to interact with the data

  • Copying the loop component and use it somewhere else, for example, you start a chat with a user in teams, and copy the loop component and past it in an email for another colleague (a 🦖) who prefers working with emails, The beauty is that the same data is used and interacted with, regardless where you use the loop component.


There is loop app which is coming to Office365 and which allows you to go back to your loops (no matter where they have been used), and work/interact with your loops.

Azure Communication Services

A lovely mind-blowing demo was showed by Vesa where the public web site of kitchens’ rennovation company offer a chat to its customers. The chat is routed directly to Teams’ agent.

Integration with orders, notifications, Text notification and video calls can be made with the customers, and your employees just keep using Teams.

Totally worth having a look

Microsoft Viva

In less than a year of its announcement, icons have already been changed 😀

Viva connections

Is the gateway to your employees, it can be the one place where employees can find anything they need. (Trying to kill SharePoint intranet ?? )

It can be fully customised and branded tom your company.