May 19, 2024

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‘Link to Document’ instead of real documents in SharePoint Document Libraries – Classic Experience

Today, I got this interesting request, of adding in a document library in SharePoint a link to a file from another site’s library. I am sure Search and tagging could have been a better approach in an ideal world, but in a scenario where end users wants to see his/her files in a document libary and include links to other files from other locations, I had to find a simple way of achieving this.

1- Enable custom content type

From the document library, go to the library settings
select Advanced setting

Ensure ‘Allow management of content types’ is set to ‘Yes’.

No you can add custom content types, the one we will be interested by is the ‘Link to a Document

2- Add your links

Now that we have the custom content type ‘Link to document’, go back to your document library, and select ‘New’ button and select ‘Link to document‘, populate the title and url of the file and click submit.

PS: In the modern UI, you can ignore those steps and just use link from the New button, Thanks MS 😉