July 21, 2024

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Manager’s Guide to SharePoint Server 2016: Tutorials, Solutions, and Best Practices

Close the gap between introductory and advanced resources available on SharePoint 2016 with this preview from the Manager’s Guide to SharePoint Server 2016 and identify the core benefits of specific techniques in a real-world context, including best practice scenarios. You will find this book to be a comprehensive collection of tutorials and solutions for all of the most widely used techniques (e.g., intranet, Internet, formal metadata management, informal metadata management, document management, social media, project management).

To overcome the high volume, velocity, and variety of data, content management systems usually focus on different sub-tasks, namely document management, web content management, digital asset management, and enterprise records management. As a leading enterprise CMS and all-around solution, SharePoint Server handles all of these sub-tasks using one system; however, the opportunities and limits of SharePoint are often unknown at the management level.

Many managers who decide to use SharePoint do not know how SharePoint can concretely help to improve their business and day-to-day operations. They are often overwhelmed with its functionalities. In addition, daily users are often overwhelmed with the complexity and extensive features and possibilities of the system. Both SharePoint administrators and users need a clear explanation of when SharePoint can be used, where it can help, and how to use it. Manager’s Guide to SharePoint Server 2016 is that solution. The book provides coverage of:

  • SharePoint technology, including the core technologies of SharePoint and the MySite technology, as well as SharePoint administration levels
  • Template technology, including the most widely used collaboration, enterprise, and publishing site templates
  • Hands-on tutorials and solutions for users and administrators, including use cases in a real-world context
  • Best practice scenarios of SharePoint governance, template usage, and additional tools to improve SharePoint

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discern how and where SharePoint can help improve a company’s success
  • Understand the core elements of SharePoint for customization and how to improve the site’s functionalities
  • Know how SharePoint can be used as a collaboration and management platform
  • Discover what to do within SharePoint and how to more effectively manage SharePoint in daily business across teams

Who This Book Is For
Content managers, systems managers, and software engineering professionals. SharePoint managers, end users, and site administrators will also find this book useful.

You can download the eBook preview above or purchase the full book HERE or HERE


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