June 23, 2024

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Microsoft PowerPlatform Conference 2022 – Day 1 Summary

The first ever Microsoft PowerPlatform Conference !

It was an exciting day to say the least, the first day of the Microsoft PowerPlatform Conference was full of surprises, and a long waited announcements.

Obviously, with the number of sessions going at the same time, I was running between conferences rooms like a kid in a toys shop.

From the Keynote, there were couple of amazing customers stories, which gave an idea, where Microsoft is aiming to head with the power platform.

Get more Power Users and Develop loads of business apps !

Not to scare old and classic IT professionals and Admins (if there are still some out there), but there are 7.4 Million active PowerPlatform users, and the aim is to drive more power users to build business solutions in PowerPlatform.

Not to say that the governance will be a crucial aspect to consider when opening such capability to non IT users.

This decision was combined to an easy and simple to configure/control managed environment capabilities to reduce risks such as data leak, draining of resources and unwanted processing.


Power Pages

Power Pages – No more Power Apps Portals, the new Power Pages has some very interesting capabilities and is much much better than the PowerApps Portal Apps (which I was never a big fan off, Sorry @Mark Dutton).

The demo presented shows some amazing features, which allows user to quickly and securely fire business sites with integration with the MS Data Verse.


Co-Authoring ❤️❤️

A long waited feature, which resonate particularly to wide developers teams, where you know it ! the pain of having a sole developer open the app at any given time.

Co-Authoring was available for years in Office Application, so it only made sense to bring it to PowerApps. And now ! you can have more than one developer working in the app. In addition, the environment will highlight who/where the other developers are working.

Can’t wait to test it 😁


Adaptive Cards

No need to switch between the card editor and PowerPlatform environments ! now you can edit your adaptive cards right from PowerApps or PowerAutomate.

I will be testing this feature very soon !


Power Virtual Agents

Finally, the PowerVirtual Agents got some interesting features too, the real time debugging and mapping to data entities was a quiet impressive functionality, plus the ease of testing and deploying, makes it very accessible and easy to design, test and deploy to a wide range of platforms (Teams, Web, Slack, Telegram …etc.)