April 16, 2024

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New PowerApps Controls

On the 29Th March, Microsoft has announced a new set of controls available for PowerApps Canvas Applications.

Enable the new controls

In order to enable the new controls in your Power Apps solutions, you will need to:

  1. Navigate to your application Settings
  2. Select the “Upcoming Features
  3. Turn on the “Try out the modern controls

A preview of the new controls

After years of trying to create custom components to uplift the capabilities of Power Apps, such as Progress Bar or Tab Controls, these are finally available out of the box, and ready to be dragged and used in your applications.


A nice looking UI control, to display a badge with usually a number (main use, would be, some sort of notification or reminder badge).


A new refreshed looking button with two main styles (Primary or secondary), overall, the new button behaves pretty much the same as the old buttons.

Check Box

A new design for check box, which look more modern and ‘webby’ style


It is now possible to use a Link control instead of the html control, which makes the design more elegant and simpler.

Progress Bar

Awaited for long time, we finally have a built-in progress bar in PowerApps.

In the past, I used to use my custom component, which was designed with two rectangles, to simulate a progress bar,

Progress Bar in PowerApps


Date Picker

There is a new component to replace the classic Date Picker control, which to be honest, was a bit out dated.


There is a new spinner or loader animation, which you can use to enhance your applications.

Info Button

A very useful and handy control, info button, allows to show some helps and guidance around your screens.


Down side

Even though, this announcement was well received within the community, there is one down side or con to these controls set.

Styling is not yet available for these controls, which limits the UI/UX capabilities.

Hopefully, we will soon see new styling capabilities for these controls.