April 24, 2024

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Office Graph and Delve

See how the Microsoft Office 365 team reimagined search and discovery across Office with Delve, powered by the Office Graph. Delve enables you to work like a network by proactively surfacing the best and relevant information across Office, tailored just for you. Learn how Office Graph transforms Office, with suite-wide insights and machine learning. Learn all about the new Board functionality. Boards allow you to discover content related to topics and projects and make it easy to return to the content that matters most to you. From within Delve, you can search for a board, follow it to stay informed and discover other boards—all without having to know or remember where individual pieces of content live

Benefits of Watching this Webinar

  • Learn about Office Graph and Delve
  • Learn how you can make use of Delve in your organization
  • Learn all about the new board inside Delve

Aimed at: IT Professionals and End Users/Super Users

Level: Beginner