Power BI by Function

Explore how Power BI can help you unlock insights in your department.

Power BI for Finance

Unlock insights that will drive better and more informed decisions.Learn more

Power BI for Sales and Marketing

Bring all the data you want into a single view to improve performance.Learn more

Power BI for Operations and Logistics

Visualize your supply chain and expose your optimization opportunities.Learn more

Power BI for HR

The hardest decisions lie on human capital. That is why information is key.Learn more


Customer Stories

See how our customers are using Power BI.Learn more


Specific capabilities that make Power BI the right tool for unraveling insights on any data.Learn more

Data Visualization

See insights come to life in front of your eyes.Learn more

Data Discovery

Unlock the answers hidden in your data.Learn more

Mapping Software

Put a place on your data.Learn more

Social Media Analytics

Visualize what is going on with your socials.Learn more

Data Sources

Get your data virtually anywhere directly into Excel.Learn more

Demo Gallery

See Power BI in action.Learn more

Business Demos

See Power BI get down to business.Learn more


Power BI on the everyday worldLearn more


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