April 22, 2024

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Reusable solutions and templates

A newcapability allows to create re-usable solutions and templates to provision your sites are now available.

 Using the pnp provisioning engine, and adapted to your needs can leverage all the efforts needed to create multiple sites/ site collections.

The engine has been changed a bit and allows new capabilities

Tenant template : Allows to provide

  • Themes
  • Taxonony
  • Refer to the JSON file (as it will be ugly to embed them in the xml file).
  • A sequence of site collections, which will allow to create the site collections and start applying the templates.
  • The site template allows to define the lists , document libraries, features, pages, web parts …etc.

This is not only about the provisioning, it has also couple of web parts for modern pages

The xml file is the actual template, and the .pnp is a packaged (zipped) file of all the resources

To apply an existing pnp file we can do that with powershell apply-pnptenanttemplate xxxxxxx.pnp

Or you can use provisionningpnp site, Awesome 😉