May 19, 2024

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ESPC 2019 | Project Cortex

SharePoint and OneDrive being one the top used platforms for document managment, with more than 100 million monthly active users. The Idea lof having advanced analytics and AI around content became quickly a must.

Information Governance and Microsoft Search were also looked at and have benefited by a massive improvement.


Project Cortex

In a world of rapid change and a global skills shortage, empowering people to harness knowledge upskill and learn faster is the new workplace competitve advantage.

In essence, it is about connecting people to content, and connecting content to people.




Better together, People + AI

It is better to have a collaboration between People interaction with content and AI recognition.

A tool like AI Builder, we can have Forms processing, where user uploads a file, a flow trigger


Machine teaching is not Machine Learning

Machine learning requires a lot of data, usually a huge data model.

Machin teaching requires less data to improve, and it focuses on extracting the skills from a teacher, most of the cases a humain, and build a model based on that set of skills.


Cortex enriches MMS and Metadata