July 21, 2024

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ESPC 2019 | Actionable messages

Actionable messages

In this session, we had an overview of actionable messages, a feature which did not get the attention it deserves.

The business scenario here, is that a manager gets an email, let’s say to approve or reject an expense form, with a link to a page.

The link takes his/her to a page with an approve or reject, the manager, if lucky, and managed to pass all the authentications without disturbed will decide to approve or reject.

More likely, the phone rings, his/her attention is redirected to something else, and the action has been forgotten. Now the waiting game can begin.


Actionable emails which contain the details of the request, and the approval/rejection box at the bottom.

Also, when actionned, the email it self will turn to something saying , you have already approved or rejected the request.


Different scenarios where this can be implemented (or beneficial) are :


Some success stories


How does it work ?

Here are the steps needed to be able to safely and securely use actionable emails


How does the actionable message look like ?


Actionable message designer

Thankfully, there is an actionable message designer, which will generate the html and json for the actionable message that we will be using the workflow instead of the plain notification with a boring link ?.