June 23, 2024

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ESPC19 | Office 365 and SharePoint PnP by Vesa Juvonen

Vesa started by giving some of the PnP Stats (>500 samples, >1000 Contributors, >60000 Visitors in GitHub within the last 2 weeks, >2.5 Million watch time miutes), but the most important stat is that there are more than 28000 tenants using PnP.

PnP is about Learning, Reusing and Sharing. As being an open source solution, it relies on the massive help of the thousands of contributors.


Here are some of the useful links.

PnP Home Page –> http://aka.ms/sppnp

SharePoint Dev Docs –> http://aka.ms/spdev-docs

SharePoint Dev Videos –> http://aka.ms/spdev-videos

SharePoint Dev Issues –> http://aka.ms/spdev-issues


The LookBook

A great presentation of the SharePoint look book was re-presented by Vesa, just after the short preview in today’s keynotes.

PnP PowerShell

Secondly, he covered the PnP PowerShell commands, which is still using PowerShell 5.

PnP Cli allows to run PowerShell from any environment, which was not possible until recently.

More details at : http://aka.ms/o365cli


PnpJs2 has also been mentionned and it seems to be very promising and provides interesting capabilities, especially the syntax model which is quite similaire to the lovely C#.

More details at http://aka.ms/pnpjs

SharePoint Modernization Scanner

Next stop, the SharePoint Moderization Scanner, a great tool if you prepare to migrate to Modern SharePoint, even if the results are generated in an Excel Spreadhseet, it is amazing.

Not only the analysis, but the tools does also do the pager transformation.

On top of these great functionalities, the tool allow to migrate directly from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online communication site.

More details at : http://aka.ms/sppno-modernize.

PnP Controls

A lovely set of controls, ready to be used are also available in PnP. A great demo of th

Using React and UI Fabric, you can have custom solutions with lovely controls that look as a native SharePoint controls (and not some stuffs like BootStrap).

More details at : https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-fx-controls-react/


Community web parts

PnP also provides a set of ready to implement webparts

Available at : https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-fx-webparts/samples/spfx/

PnP Extensions

Extensions, for things like sub menu items, search query, navigation extensions, modify navigation nodes …etc.

More details at : https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-fx-extensions/samples/type/


One of the nice extensions I really liked, was the Lists formatting capabilities

I will share with you the slides once they are made available.