The default design 🙁

Some of my biggest achievements recently which make me very proud are the successful design & deployment of a new SharePoint intranet Portal.

Going from ‘Ugly’ SharePoint, which makes users adoption a real challenge to a more ‘Webby’ style landing page with different functionalities (dropdown, sliders, twitter feeds, yammer feeds).

Overwrite everything !! no ribbon, no left navigation, no footer

Going from out of the box SharePoint template to a more sexy landing page involved using a lot of Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery.

My first landing page was actually two stages navigation pages, which have been deployed to a global international telecommunication towers’ supplier, who is active in different countries.

The magic 🙂

The first page was a global map showing clickable pointers to different countries, icons takes to site collections (we had one site collection per country, and a sub site for each department).The trick here, is that I used Jquery to replace the entire content of the html dom object by my own div,showing this lovely background image and the different pointers.

The next stage, which is the country landing page, I used Html, CSS, Bootrsap, JS & Jquery, and I have written a fully customised code which will be later added into a content editor web part, the code relies on a lot of CSSs to get ride of the left navigation, top search bar …etc.The end results would look like this –>

Going further

Part of another contract, I had to reuse some of the existing content, and make it even better. I made everything easily configurable, where I had couple of Custom SharePoint Lists which will populate the icons, news and sliders, even the top navigation drop down links can be easily manageable from the back end lists.

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