April 24, 2024

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Global Power Platform Bootcamp Hungary 2024

An amazing event during which I had the pleasure of speaking about how we can improve the Ui and Ux of Power Apps,

During my session titled “Your Power Apps deserve Nicer user interfaces“, I covered the following topics:

  • Power Apps Controls
  • Responsive Design
  • Power Apps Custom Components
    • Progress Bars
    • Step Bars
    • Collapsible Panels
    • Navigation menus
    • Gradient background
  • Power Apps Modern controls

The sample App and all its components can be found from my GitHub Repo –>

Download the Sample App

Many thanks to the Organising Team

Thank you for all the attendees, and big, special thanks to all the speakers for spending hours / days to prepare for their sessions and to be here: Wilmer Alcivar, Nicolas Fernandez, Ignacio Barrio Santos, Tibor Szederkényi, Sriram Balaji, József Zoltán Vadkerti, PMP, Samir Daoudi, Dániel Gábor Patkós, István Keszericze, Barend Buizer, Péter Váradi, Krzysztof Kania, Gergely Bálint, Nora Mattyasovszky, Rebeka Tóth, Dénes Halász, András Fördős –

Enjoy 😍