June 23, 2024

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Governance and Analytics for the Power Platform By Chris O’Brien | MS Ignite the Tour.

PowerApps is on by default, no admin work needed to enabled unless we want to de-active it for them.

So your employees will start creating their own Apps, great !

We might get scarred by the fact of all users creating PowerApps.

At this stage we start asking questions such as:

  • What are these users connecting to.
  • Which accounts are they using
  • Are these apps used for critical processes.
  • What happens if the app breaks ?
  • Who should support these apps ?
  • …etc.

At this stage, we might find ourselves in a situation where :

A user calls IT and says “I need support with my”, the typical answer the users will get is :

We did not create the app, we can’t support it.


Thankfully, there is the Power Apps governance Framework ! which provides us with

Microsoft’s PowerApps Center Of Excellence Starter Kit.

(Well I agree, it is a looong name), available from —> https://github.com/microsoft/powerapps-tools/tree/master/Administration/CoEStarterKit

The Power Apps Governance Dashboard

This Power Bi report contains different tabs to give all the insights you need to have a good governance and a wide visibility of what is happening with PowerApps in your organization.


We can have a lovely looking Power BI dashboard summarizing the number of apps, the sources used by the apps, the mostly used Apps …etc.


A view of the users is also available.

Governance – emails

The system can send emails to users if their apps meet certain criteria (heavy processing, long running …etc.)

Compliance form


Overall solution elements


Ongoing data gathering

Power BI Dashboard


App compliance framework

Automated check/emails to makers

Traffic light status

Knowledge and community

Power Platform knowledge center

Guidelines and policy content

Yammer Group/Microsoft teams for the apps makers.