April 22, 2024

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Query Chat GPT from Power Automate

In today’s article, I will explore the option of querying chat GPT from Power Automate.

In my previous Article, I detailed how you can create a custom connector to interact with ChatGPT.

If you missed the Chat GPT Custom Connector you can review it below:

Power Platform – ChatGPT Custom Connector

Now, let’s assume that you have created successfully your ChatGPT Connector, tested it and everything looks good.

You can either use it (the custom connector) in Power Apps or Power Automate.

1. Context

Let’s try to create a power automate which generates a thank you email each time it get’s triggered.

We will try to ask Chat GPT to give us an email body containing a thank you reply for purchasing a specific product.

2. Scenario

I will create a Power Automate which gets triggered from a Power Apps,

The PowerAutomate will receive two parametres

a. The product name

b. The email address

Next, we will ask ChatGPT using our custom connector to provide us with a thank you email for purchasing the product X,


Once you have created your power automate, you can just call it from a Power Apps Button, and pass the required parameters.