July 21, 2024

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Query Chat GPT from your PowerApps

Chat GPT Query

In a previous article, I described how you can use OpenAI API to create a custom connector in order to interact and Chat GPT Query.

If you have missed this post, please go back and have a look

Power Platform – ChatGPT Custom Connector

If you want to download the connector manifest and import it directly to your tenant/custom connector, please navigate to my public GitHub repository :


Once, you have configured (or imported) your custom connector, next step, is to create a simple PowerApps which uses this connector:

1- The PowerApps Structure

The App is very simple, here I used a simple screen, with the following components

Chat GPT Query

The app’s screen looks as follow:

Chat GPT Query

A query text box, and an answer multi lines text box. It can’t be any simpler right !

2- Ask Button

The Ask button makes a call to our custom connector DemoChatGPT.

Chat GPT Query

Once we call the Chat GPT Query Api, the result is set to a global variable, which will be displayed in the result text box.

Chat GPT Query


The overall application and connector are available from GitHub –>