May 19, 2024

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The Road to the Cloud

A True Real-Life Story by Thorbjørn Værp;

I terminated several on-premises SharePoint servers.

Stopped the cooling fan and UPS on the server room, released more square meters for brainpower (employees).

Synchronized all the AD users to O365 WAAD, and established the Azure portal.

Implemented SharePoint with Claims in full AD running in Azure.

Got the final touch by using Microsoft Azure Access Control Service to provide users Same Sign On.

Big “Bang for the Buck” this is -no more scrawny old servers in expensive server rooms.

Better security, restore, self-service portal, predictable, stable, -did I mention availability?

Watch this webinar to leave the Road to Hell, and join me on the Road to the Cloud!

Key Benefits of Watching this webinar:

  1. Greater insights in SharePoint migration (or implementation) from On Premises to Enterprise Cloud
  2. Learn to leverage Azure IaaS & PaaS benefits for SharePoint farms
  3. Get a bunch of scripts to save you time (and money)

This webinar is aimed at:

IT Professionals at an Intermediate level.