April 24, 2024

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Extranet Identity Management and Authentication for SharePoint On Premise, Office 365, and Beyond

Webinar Summary:  SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration.  This works well for users in your organization, but how do you extend it beyond the firewall?  Approving and managing users, getting them their credentials, and dealing with forgotten passwords are some of the things that will frustrate both the business and IT.  External users in Office 365 can make it easier when it works, but has little governance.  Learn how to delegate this to the business, and provide a seamless single sign on experience for your external users, either on premise or in the cloud.

Key Benefits of Watching this webinar:

  1. Collaborate securely with your external users (partners, customers, vendors, donors, volunteers, etc.)
  2. Allow users to register themselves, and the business to approve and manage without requiring IT
  3. Provide single sign-on and password reset for on premises SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and other claims-aware applications

This webinar is aimed at:

  1. Business owners that would like to collaborate with external partners
  2. IT Pros that would like to delegate management of external users to the business, and to the external users themselves