April 24, 2024

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Why are HelpDesk systems very frustrating to use ? Introducing Fixit365

In an era of remote work, the need to seek IT support has been significantly increasing.

Based on a research published by ZenDesk, the volume of tickets has increased by an average of 30% during 2021.

ticket baselines

If a user tries everything possible to resolve the issues and move on with his/her work, going to helpdesk is the last resort. Users are already frustrated by the issue they are trying to raise with IT Services, the last thing they want is to deal with an even harder to use system.

How should a help desk system be designed ?

I personally believe that Service Desk systems need to be built for the less technical users, with a very simple and intuitive interfaces.

While the core functionality of connecting users to it technicians need to be ensured, the UI layer has to be over simplified.

We need to provide the users with an interface which does not require multiple clicks, pages loads, ‘techy’ drop-downs to chose from …etc.

Another considerable issue, is the context switching from whatever the user was doing or trying to do, to the HelpDesk system, to raise the request and go back to their work (usually, after a lot of swearing).

The solution

For these reasons, I decided to embrace in a journey to build a new Service Desk system (after the first solution Fixit https://logisam.com/fixit-helpdesk/, which is a web application, feel free to check it).

Taking in consideration the time we spent in Microsoft Teams on a daily basis, it made sense to build a custom Teams Application which provides the users the help required from the very place where they do their work.

The solution provides the users with very simple and intuitive user interface, in addition to a frequently asked questions data base, they can query to get quick answers to their questions.

The new solution I am building is called Fixit365, which will available through the Teams App Store by mid April.