Architecture building blocks

Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) relate to the Architecture Continuum (The Architecture Continuum), and are defined or selected as a result of the application of the ADM.



  • Define what functionality will be implemented
  • Capture business and technical requirements
  • Are technology aware
  • Direct and guide the development of SBBs

Specification Content

ABB specifications include the following as a minimum:

  • Fundamental functionality and attributes: semantic, unambiguous, including security capability and manageability
  • Interfaces: chosen set, supplied (APIs, data formats, protocols, hardware interfaces, standards)
  • Dependent building blocks with required functionality and named user interfaces
  • Map to business/organizational entities and policies

Solution building blocks

Solution Building Blocks (SBBs) relate to the Solutions Continuum (The Solutions Continuum), and may be either procured or developed.



  • Define what products and components will implement the functionality
  • Define the implementation
  • Fulfil business requirements
  • Are product or vendor-aware

Specification Content

SBB specifications include the following as a minimum:

  • Specific functionality and attributes
  • Interfaces; the implemented set
  • Required SBBs used with required functionality and names of the interfaces used
  • Mapping from the SBBs to the IT topology and operational policies
  • Specifications of attributes shared across the environment (not to be confused with functionality) such as security, manageability, localizability, scalability
  • Performance, configurability
  • Design drivers and constraints, including the physical architecture
  • Relationships between SBBs and ABBs.


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