May 19, 2024

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Phase H : Architecture Change Management – TOGAF

Architecture Change Management (Phase H)

This final phase of the TOGAF ADM looks at establishing procedures for managing change to the new architecture.


The inputs of this phase are:

  1. External reference materials.
  2. Request for Architecture Work (optional) (Prelim Phase).
  3. Organization Model for Enterprise Architecture (Prelim Phase).
  4. Tailored Architecture Framework (Prelim Phase).
  5. Statement of Architecture Work (Phase A).
  6. Architecture vision (Phase A).
  7. Architecture Repository.
  8. Architecture definition documents and requirements (BDAT).
  9. Architecture roadmap, version 1.0 (Phase F).
  10. Change requests – technology changes, business changes, lessons learned.
  11. Implementation governance model.
  12. Architecture Contract (Phase G).
  13. Compliance assessments (Phase G).
  14. Implementation and migration plan, version 1.0 (Phase F).


The steps included in this phase are:

  1. Establish the Value Realization Process.
  2. Deploy Monitoring Tools.
  3. Manage Risks.
  4. Provide Analysis for Architecture Change Management.
  5. Develop Change Requirements to Meet Performance Targets.
  6. Manage Governance Process.
  7. Activate the Process to Implement Change.


At the end of this phase, the following outputs are generated:

  1. Architecture updates (maintenance).
  2. Change to architecture framework and principles (maintenance).
  3. New Request for Architecture Work (for major changes).
  4. Statement of architecture work (Update if necessary).
  5. Architecture contract (updated if necessary).
  6. Compliance assessments (update if necessary).