June 23, 2024

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Phase G : Implementation Governance – TOGAF

Implementation Governance (Phase G)

This phase of the TOGAF framework ensures that the implementation and deliverables are in line with the desired target architecture. Even if it does not involve hands-on code, this step ensures that the implementation team delivers what was designed in the previous steps.


The inputs of this phase are:

  1. External reference materials.
  2. Request for Architecture Work (optional) (Prelim Phase).
  3. Capability assessment (Phase A).
  4. Organization Model for Enterprise Architecture (Prelim Phase).
  5. Tailored Architecture Framework (Prelim Phase).
  6. Approved Statement of Architecture Work (Phase A).
  7. Architecture vision (Phase A).
  8. Architecture Repository.
  9. Architecture definition documents and requirements (BDAT).
  10. Architecture roadmap, version 1.0 (Phase F).
  11. Implementation governance model.
  12. Architecture Contracts.
  13. Request for architecture work for the next ADM cycle (Phase F).
  14. Implementation and migration plan, version 1.0 (Phase F).


The steps included in this phase are:

  1. Confirm Scope and Priorities for deployment.
  2. Identify Deployment Resources and Skills.
  3. Guide Development of Solutions Deployment.
  4. Perform Enterprise Architecture Compliance Reviews.
  5. Implement Business and IT Operations.
  6. Perform Post-Implementation Review and Close the Implementation.


At the end of this phase, the following outputs are generated:

  1. Architecture contract.
  2. Compliance assessments.
  3. Change requests.
  4. Architecture-compliant solutions deployed.