May 19, 2024

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Configuring Hybrid Workloads for SharePoint 2013 and O365

Webinar Summary: Hybrid scenarios between SharePoint Server 2013 and O365 take a number of guises including search and business connectivity capabilities. All hybrid scenarios require a base identity configuration on which the hybrid workload can be configured. Hybrid workloads can operate in what are known as inbound and outbound directions. Outbound is considered the simplest configuration with inbound being complicated by the addition of extra on premises infrastructure and the perception of it being a difficult task to configure correctly. In this session we want to dispel that myth and show how configuring the identity infrastructure including dirsync with password synchronization to support outbound and inbound hybrid search between SharePoint 2013 server and O365 can be done. Configuration of Windows 2012 R2 Web Application Proxy (WAP) Server to support inbound hybrid authentication will be a key component of this session as well as the use of Windows Azure for the on premises SharePoint roles.

After this webinar the viewers will gain the following; 

1. Verbalise the advantages hybrid scenarios bring as a waypoint towards a full cloud experience.
2. Discuss the technical implementation of hybrid configurations with architects and engineers
3. Understand the role of the reverse proxy server in an inbound hybrid setup and in particular gain insight into the configuration of Windows Web Application Proxy