July 20, 2024

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Preliminary Phase (Inputs, Steps & Outputs) – TOGAF

The preliminary Phase

As the first phase of the ADM which consists of 10 steps, the preliminary phase aims at preparing the road for the other steps, it has a set of inputs, steps and generates a number of outputs and artifacts.


This section defines the inputs to the Preliminary Phase.

  1. The TOGAF Library.
  2. Other architecture frameworks.
  3. Board strategies and board business pans, business strategy, IT strategy, business principles, business goals, and business drivers.
  4. Major frameworks operating in the business (e.g. SCRUM).
  5. Governance and legal frameworks including Architecture Governance strategy.
  6. Architecture capabilities.
  7. Partnership and contract agreements.
  8. Existing documents related to architecture capability.
  9. The organizational model for Enterprise Architecture.
  10. Existing architecture framework (if any).


The steps included in this phase are:

  1. Scope of the enterprise organizations impacted.
  2. Confirm the governance and support frameworks.
  3. Define and establish the architecture team.
  4. Identify and establish architectural principles
  5. Tailor TOGAF and other frameworks.
  6. Implement architecture tools.


At the end of this phase, the following outputs are generated:

  1. Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture.
  2. Tailored Architecture Framework.
  3. Initial Architecture Repository.
  4. Business principles, business goals, and business drivers.
  5. Request for Architecture Work (optional).
  6. Architecture Governance Framework.