February 25, 2024

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LogiSam Solutions (DZ)


6 Months

Used technologies

C#, ASP.net, SQL Server, Entity FrameWork, BootStrap, JQuery, Web APIs.

In this blog post, I will describe a document management system I am building which is simple, easy to use, quick and very straightforward.

My Goal is to have a customised document management system for customers who cannot afford to use a big beast like SharePoint, or simply look for a simple and secure way of managing their documents.

The XGED provide different functionalities to help you with your day to day document management system such as :

  • Managing files by Areas and Folders
  • Watch actions (to be notified of any changes)
  • Drag and drop files
  • Files extensions
  • Security at the area, folder or file level
  • Version control (with a lovely interface :), nothing like SharePoint hhhh)
  • Workflows
  • Quick Search (Instant results).
  • ActiveDirectory Authentication
  • Log of actions.
  • Online file editor
  • And a lot more …


Versions (as a timeline)

Permissions (inheritance or unique just as SharePoint 😉 ), plus a file preview.

Search with autocomplete, and file watch actions.

File search (with inline intelligent search)

The technologies used for this project are:

  • ASP.net with C#
  • SQL Server for the backend, I use SQL Server to save only the metadata, no file will be saved as Blob in the DB, as I have had some nightmares with SharePoint blob storage.
  • Jquery for RIA.
  • JavaScript and CSS for random stuffs.
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