July 21, 2024

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Phase E : Opportunities & Solutions – TOGAF

Opportunities & Solutions (Phase E)

In order to deliver the architecture identified in the previous steps, this step aims at identifying the enablers or delivery vehicles to achieve the desired results (Projects, programs, and portfolios).


The inputs of this phase are:

  1. External reference materials.
  2. Product information.
  3. Request for Architecture Work (optional) (Prelim Phase).
  4. Capability assessment (Phase A).
  5. Communication plan (Phase A).
  6. Planning methodologies.
  7. Organization Model for Enterprise Architecture (Prelim Phase).
  8. Tailored Architecture Framework (Prelim Phase).
  9. Approved Statement of Architecture Work (Phase A).
  10. Architecture vision (Phase A).
  11. Architecture Repository
  12. Draft architecture documents and draft requirements (BDAT).
  13. Change request for existing business programs and projects.
  14. Candidate architecture roadmap components.


The steps included in this phase are:

  1. Determine key corporate change attributes.
  2. Determine business constraints.
  3. Review and consolidate gap analysis from phases B to D.
  4. Review consolidated requirements across business functions.
  5. Consolidate and reconcile interoperability requirements.
  6. Refind and validate dependencies.


At the end of this phase, the following outputs are generated:

  1. Refined Phase A Deliverables.
  2. Draft architecture definition document – incl. baseline and target, v1.0.
  3. Draft architecture requirements specification – incl. gap analysis.
  4. Capability assessments.
  5. Architecture road, v0.1
  6. Implementation and migration plan, vision 0.1.